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Please contact us in order to receive a full refund, and return any empty bottles and remaining product within 60 days to:

Leading Edge Health
300 - 1095 McKenzie Ave
Victoria, BC
V8P 2L5

Leading Edge Health
c/o 129 Roweland Drive
Johnson City, TN

Please be sure to include your full name and order number on the returned package.

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ExtenZe returns and refunds policy

At Leading Edge Health we are very much confident in the fact that our customers will be satisfied with the products they order from our web site. Our offices promise our customers a full refund of any price they have spent for our online products anyone is dissatisfied, but please note that we may deduct from the refunded price any type of handling and shipping charges from the original purchase.

For our customers and in order for them to be accepted for any type of product refund, they must give us all the technical order information our staff will ask for, and to go along and comply with all terms that have been specified on our reseller web site.

In order to receive a refund under our product guarantee please contact us at credits@lemsupport.com or please contact our professional customer service department at our number which is Toll Free in North America 1-866-621-6886. All international product customers call using our international calling code 1-604-677-5365 - thank you.

ExtenZe data privacy and security

Personal information from our clients is not sold to third parties. Our reseller web site is committed to keeping safe all personal client information.

There could be a time that our staff may contact the client in the event which we wish to inform them of other available products and new services that we know may interest them.

In the event that we are under an order from any type of court of law, the law enforcement prominent authority, or any type of regulatory agency to render any personal information of our customers, then please note that such a legal mandate can leave us absolutely no choice but to actually comply with this order. Legally please know that every business that is on and off the internet itself is subject to the same practices of privacy limitation.

Any product order is subject to submittal of information such as a client contact details or any credit or type of debit card details and other payment type details. This special information could be processed on server computers that reside outside the North American continent or the European Union. By any client placing any orders for online products, they do consent to the immediate transfer of their personal data to the location or locations where our computer servers are set up.

It is possible we may use secure and special third party credit card merchants to obtain client payment. This merchant or third party is going to check and process client payment details pertaining to any order. Please note that there are very strict obligations which do govern any credit card merchants' processing and handling of client personal data. But our offices cannot be deemed responsible for the actions by any third party processing merchant. We do not accept any liability for the due loss and or damage which a client may have inflicted as an immediate result of this third merchant party's behaviour and any omissions. We do advise our clients to print clearly and hold on to any copy of a credit card transaction for reference in the future.

It is possible that there can be an inherent risk where any communication either by e-mail, telephone, fax or post can be electronically intercepted by any third parties. To this fact we do not accept any type of liability for this external breach or compromise of sensitive security and confidentiality in due relation to electronic transmissions filed by any of these media types.

Our reseller web site may place internet explorer cookies on the computer making a purchase or visiting our web sites. These cookies are actual software applications saved on the computer hard drive by various web sites. The honest aim of any saved computer cookie is to truly track the client web site preferences and surfing habits in order to create visits that are more productive. Please do ensure that the browser software being used is set not to accept any type of cookies if in fact it is not wished to receive them to the surfing computer.

A surfer will not use this web site and any obtained service made available to try to attempt to regain access to interfere with any web site function or operation or the security of any computer network and system or in order to track a third party's usage of the internet at large.

In effect all of our mailing list services are managed by services which are provided by DM Contact Management Ltd.

ExtenZe privacy policy

Our email policy for ExtenZe is actually very simple: we will never send email to anyone who has not physically opted in (by registering their email address) to receive the email.

Our offices divide the email we fire out on behalf of our many clients into relative five distinct categories, each that has its own policy and a due process:

One to one Email consists of our response to customer service enquiries and spam submissions which we do receive and need to respond to on behalf of our clientele. A client will receive one to one email from our customer support staff if the client submits a customer service submission or spam report via one of our clients' websites. A one to one email is just what it is - a normal electronic email exchange between the customer and one of our support staff. If a customer service type question or any spam is submitted then this email address will definitely not be added to any mailing list or database or any other kind of list. This one to one email contact is meant for customer response only and therefore will never contain any promotional material unless the client has specifically requested this option.

A transactional type of Email is made up of the shipping and order and approval electronic emails which are provided to the customers who have finished the purchase of one of our client's provided products. Our clients will obtain transactional emails if they do an electronic purchase from our online client's products. The email address is included when the client completes the shipping and billing information. This type of transactional email provides only information such as the client's order number and tracking number and other product details of their purchase. If an email address is included with a purchase, the client shall receive a transactional email at the time only - unless they do clearly opt to be added to a professional email list. If a client does provide their real email address when they complete an online purchase but then do not decide to opt in to be added to a quality customer mailing list or client list, then the client's real email address will remain inside the customer database, but this email shall not be actually added to any type of mailing list, or any other kind of list. A transactional email is meant for online order confirmation and informational purposes and will never contain any type of promotional material or kind of information that is not directly truly relevant to a client online order.

There are a number of our reseller clients that produce electronic newsletters. In this event any client shall added to this newsletter email list and will obtain a newsletter from our electronic mail server if they decide to physically "opt-in" to receive these newsletters, and will pay the online subscription fee if it is applicable.

A promotional email definitely is just what it really sounds like - information pertaining to products and services and type of special discount offers that are available. All ExtenZe clients shall be added to this online promotional email list and will receive some promotional email from our online mail server if they decide to "opt-in" to get more promotional emails and offers.

Any affiliate email does consist of online commission notifications and newsletters and type of special announcements. In any event a reseller will get the affiliate email from any of our staff if they actually decide to physically enroll in one of our client's online affiliate computer ventures, and submit their real email address when they enter account information.

An online email submission list is basically a group of email addresses that are put together and kept together on an electronic mail server so that the computer mail server is able to send an email to any of the client subscribers on these opted in mailing lists.

And double opt-in is a physical client process that integrates two separate steps which both must be finished before any email address is added to an electronic email list. This first step is an electronic online submission where a client or potential subscriber shall enter their email address and query to be added to this email list. The online electronic submission definitely could be in the real form of check-marking an online form box on any web site or order form that does indicate if the client does wish to be added to an email list or entering physically an email address on any real type of actual provided newsletter sign up web page and pressing a mandatory "submit" button to engage request that you do want to receive the online newsletter. The next second step is a "confirmation" electronic email that is sent to the potential subscriber querying the potential subscriber "do you actually need and want to be added to our email list?" and then requesting that the real subscriber go to physically click on a link to confirm that they really do wish to be added to the online email list. Unless both steps are taken seriously and are fully completed, this email address shall never be added to the email list. The secondary step is quite necessary to really ensure that any people's email addresses are kindly not added to email lists without any of their prior knowledge or permission in this submission. This does prevent online pranksters or malicious and naughty individuals signing other people up for an email they do not wish to receive.

All of these subscribers are quickly added one by one to our email lists using this special Double Opt-In process that has been outlined above in this paragraph. Online client subscribers can possibly be added to any email lists if they do physically check a box on an online order form or a web site that indicates they do so wish to be really added to the email list, or if possibly they want to fill out an online subscription form stating they want to be added to the email list. To note, an important DM Contact Management policy is really that any sign up boxes on the reseller web sites we manage are definitely geared up with a "do not add to email list" by default. This type of online policy does ensure the client or customer has honestly made a real conscious decision to check the box and fully finish the first step of this double opt-in process procedure, and that customers will not finish the very first step of this procedure simply because they did not notice or read any of the signup boxes on the web site.

Each type of newsletter or any type of promotional email clients receive from us includes a basic "removal link" with some instructions to follow. The client can definitely remove themselves from an email list at any point in time by clicking on the removal link that is in the footer of this type of email. You or the client can as well remove themselves from any email list by replying to this type of email and just asking us to quickly remove their email address from the mailing list. In this case one of our client support personnel will obtain this request and will remove any email from this email list.

The honest answer to this type of question is merely that there is always a tiny possibility that someone can receive email from us that they did not really ask for. This can possibly happen if an online prankster or malicious type of individual signs someone up for an email list without consent or prior knowledge. In this very instance someone would receive a "confirmation" email as has been outlined in the "What's a Double Opt-In and why is this used?" section above. However, please do remember that if you do not click on the email confirmation link in the confirmation email then you will never be added to the email list. So possibly if someone does receive an email from us which asks them to physically confirm if they wish to be added to a mailing list, and they do not start this electronic request from us, simply just remove (delete) the soliciting email and you can rest assured that you will never be added to the online email list.

Please do try to understand that the Management of DM Contact will never commit or try to approve any type of form of online spamming activity. The online DM Contact Management company will forcefully ensure all client web sites that it manages do include "Privacy and Spam" page with the physical online submission option for the public to try to report spam and any suspicious email activity online. DM Contact management staff shall swiftly respond to these submissions with an investigation, then follow up via impartial enforcement and type of necessary disciplinary action, and will try to provide the customer with a real full explanation of this investigation and any corrective action that has been taken. Please note that DM Contact Management will quickly terminate any services to any client determined to really be committing or maybe condoning spamming activity online. DM Contact Management will swiftly and quickly terminate the account of any online client's affiliate reseller account that is determined to be performing any seriously wrong spamming action online. All of the email distributed by DM Contact Management will definitely comply with the available Can-Spam Act and the DM Contact Management's Email Privacy policies.

There are very many internet marketing companies that manage "affiliate programs". And online in this internet marketing industry, an "affiliate" is really an independent business or business having a role equal to that of an ordinary commission sales person online. And our affiliates do send us "traffic" (potential customers like yourself maybe) to the online internet company's marketing web site, through some web links from any advertising web sites the affiliate has in possession of or by types of different marketing initiatives online like the affiliate manages and takes care of independently. The participating affiliate reseller receives commission payments for any purchases made by our potential customers who the online reseller affiliate has directed to the product of internet marketing company's web site. Such is obvious and it is in the real best financial interests of the participating affiliate to give forward as much traffic as necessary to the internet marketing company's web site where products are sold online.

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